New Y-Duck blog!


Hello everyone 🙂 This is the new blog for Y-Duck Group in SL.

As you can see at the top of the blog, you can apply as a designer in the group or for another title as a modeling agency, model, photographer and blogger.
You have also the opportunity to advertise your logo in the sidebar with your slurl or website.

We would like to add links in our Blogroll! You just have to link our blog in yours and let us know, so we could add you too in return.

We love to receive your questions, suggestions and comments, please do not hesitate!

If you want to send us review copies to blog, we will do our best to post about it.
Please send it to xmyaxx kaliopov and Mahyeri, with all your informations.

Stay tuned, we will do new events in the future.

And pictures and posts are coming really soon!

Thank you for your support, we really appreciate.

xmyaxx Kaliopov (Mya Ma)
Mahyeri (Hyeri Ma)

Y-Duck Group Owners and Bloggers