About Y-Duck Group

♡  Models & Fashionistas Y-Duck ♡

Y-DuCk is a group for fashion advertisement in Second Life.
Click here to join Y-DuCk group in-world 

It is open to everyone who loves fashion and it is free to join.
Designers, Modeling Agencies, Models, Photographers and Bloggers can have a group title.                                 * Note that only Designers/Store managers and Modeling agencies owners can send notices.

– 1-2 notices per day allowed (NO SPAM)

– group chat is closed

IMPORTANT : As a requirement, we ask you to put our group joiner in your business/shop, it is only 1 prim.

– You are responsible to keep us updated about your business. If you change location or something else,

How to apply as a Designer in the group?

Fill the Designer Application on the blog or send a notecard to xmyaxx Kaliopov (Mya Ma) in-world. You will receive an answer within 24 hours with the role title and a folder with informations and a group joiner. If you wish to have another group title than designer, please contact xmyaxx Kaliopov in-world.

Some event will be organized by the group in the future (sales, hunts, contests…). You are more than welcome to participate or suggest any, please stay tuned by visiting our blog: yducksl.com

Welcome to the team!
xmyaxx kaliopov (Mya Ma)                                                                                                                                                   

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